Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 7

This week in PBL we're doing a horse colic case. Silly me, I kind of figured that colic was like the horse equivelant of bloat (gastric dilation vulvulis) in dogs - just a layman's term for a specific disease. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently its anything that could cause abdominal pain, which is a really freaking long list of things to look into.

This morning, we drove out to Norco for "horse handling skills." It involved putting a halter on, and taking one off of an arab. First off, I didn't realize how tiny arabs are. I guess I'm too used to dad's percheron mix, and the TBs at the barn I used to work for, but it was weird having a horse where I could easily see across its back.

I'm also still waiting for that stray cat I brought inside to have her kittens already. When I brought her in last thursday, she looked like a skeleton that ate a canteloupe. You could see everytime a kitten moved. I honestly thought that she had maybe 2-3 days before popping. Well, its been 5 days, and she doesn't seem to be getting any closer to parturation. Everything I've read says that kittens should be coming within a week of being able to see (and not just feel) fetal movement. I'm wondering if maybe she was so emaciated that I've been able to see more that I would've otherwise. On the plus side, I've had 5 days to spend time with her, and she is a cuddlebug. I'll go in the room with her, and she will just let you scratch her ears and butt non-stop while she purrs like crazy. I've named her Stegosaurous. And Tyler and I are coming up with a list of names for kittens - we figure since we're not keeping them, and people are free to re-name them that we can come up with hilarious, off the wall names. My favorite name so far is "Twinkletoes the Deathbringer."

And on top of that, mid-terms are in a week and a half. We haven't had any tests up until then. Some vet schools have tests every week or two. Ours has a solid week for mid-terms and a solid week for finals. In some ways, I'm not too worried about it, but in other ways, I'm pretty freaked out that I'm going to completely screw up anatomy and histology and fail out. Which probably means I should be studying, not updating the blog, but what's the fun in that?

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