Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's only taken about 3 years....

But I just crossed 50,000 views on my blog!  I started out writing here, thinking that maybe the occasional family member who I forgot to call would read what I'm writing, and instead, I've managed to pick up a decent number of monthly pageviews.  Not bad, considering I never really expected any readers at all.

I have one week left of my last small animal rotation of 3rd year.  Finals are the week after. I'm pooped, I feel like I haven't done near enough studying, and I just want a couple days to myself where I can goof off and not have to worry school.  Luckily, spring break is at the end of March, but that's sooo far away right now.

Oh, and if you're reading this, and you're not a vet or in vet school, you probably haven't seen this article plastered across all your social networking sites today.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I think I'm a little bit in love with emergency medicine

I still have 2 more days on my emergency rotation, but I have definitely learned that the things I loved about seeing wildlife are the same things I love about emergency medicine.  Trauma cases come in, and you're frantically working to fix them or humanely euthanize them.  While working with injured wildlife has the advantage that they don't come attached to owners, emergency has the advantage of great hours and actually pays.  This could very well change my plans for after graduation.  

The only downside of the past few weeks is that my credit union disabled my debit card due to an "external compromise," then forgot to send me a new one.  I called them and asked when I should expect my new one in the mail, and the CSR was like "we don't have a record of having sent you a new one.  Would you like me to send one now?" No, dummy, I just want to never be able to access my bank account.  When I asked if they could overnight one, since they screwed up, they would only do it if I paid $50 to cover their screwup.  Gah.  For some reason, my debit card has been canceled and replaced 3 times since I've moved to California due to security breaches on the bank's end.  And it always gets replaced just as I memorize the number and can order stuff online without having to pull it out of my wallet.  Every time without fail.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm a space case

I forgot to mention earlier that I got to do something fun and not-school-related.

Last week, Tyler and I went to see Gojira at the Glass House.  Gojira's a metal band from France that tends to be very environmentally themed.  Hell, they've donated a shitload of money to Sea Shepherd, and briefly had an anti-whaling boat named after them.  They're one of the bands that is actually articulate and thought-provoking in interviews, and apparently, live, they just rock your socks off.

An aside - stupid smartphones.  I haven't been to a lot of shows since moving out here, but each one has progressively more and more people in the crowd holding their phones above their heads to record the show.  Sure, it's nice so I can always find a clip on youtube to embed here, but just watch the freaking show!  You don't have to record every second of your life!  Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there.

Speaking of getting to do fun things - Tyler and I actually had a day off together today, since my emergency rotation has us there over the weekend, and gives us weekdays off.  I'm pretty sure in the past 6 months we've only had Thanksgiving and Christmas off together.

We took the day to drive to LA and check out some strange museums.  First stop was the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which was unfortunately closed on Tuesdays.  We then backtracked to the Museum of Death, which featured a ton of antique embalming and funeral home supplies, stuff from the Heaven's Gate cult, and serial killer memorabilia.  They also had a conjoined turtle (or should that be plural?)  Anyway, the turtles are over 16 years old now, and doing well.  I asked if they had radiographs of them, but unfortunately, they didn't on-site.

We then made a just-before-closing-time trip to Necromance where I picked up a diaphonized rat.  It was a spur-of-the moment choice between this, and about 6 framed os-penises.  It's probably for the best that I chose this one.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Halfway though small animal block

I just finished up my second rotation at a Banfield.  Last Banfield I'll ever have to be in.  It was interesting - I got a lot of practice putting in catheters, drawing blood, monitoring anesthesia, and intubating animals.  The clinic I was at did probably 95% wellness care and dental cleanings.  It's an interesting business concept: pre-charging customers a monthly fee, and then bundling together a couple wellness appointments, yearly blood work and dental cleanings.  I could see how it would promote better compliance with some things, since clients have already paid for the services.  It's interesting.

Next week I start my 2-week emergency rotation.  I am so freaking excited for it.  Not only do I get to sleep in for 2 weeks (which after being constantly sleep deprived, I am so looking forward to), but I'm sure I'm going to see a ton of amazing cases.

The first two blocks I did this year, I had all the same rotations as two of my good friends in our class.  We got separated for the last 2 blocks.  One of the things I've been loving about this block is getting to spend time with classmates that I wouldn't have otherwise, and just getting to know them.  I have some pretty fantastic classmates.

Other than that, my life has been pretty uneventful for the past 2 weeks.  I did order a used kindle off of ebay to replace mine, which got broken at some point during large animal block.  The ebay listing said it would be reset and ready to attach to my amazon account - I figured it'd be blank.  Imagine my surprise when I turn it on, and find 200+ books on it.  My thought process went kind of like this: "Yay, more books, you can never have enough books!  I don't recognize any of these authors, maybe I'll find something new that I wouldn't have found otherwise.  Oh, wait, these are all romance novels.  Some of them are umm... more erotica than romance novels.  Wait, here's a zombie book.  I'll see what it's about.  They make zombie erotica? Stupid unreadable free books."  Good times.

On a note completely unrelated to vet school rotations, or zombie erotica, if you have time to listen to an hour-long podcast, this is really interesting.