Sunday, September 30, 2012

One more week of horses!

I'm posting this from my own couch! That won't get old for awhile.  I'm finishing up my last equine rotation, at a specialty referral hospital.  I've met some wonderful vets, some wonderful interns, and some pretty cool horses the last week.  I have one more week there, then a week of testing, then I am done with horses and large animals for good until I start studying for my national boards next year.

It was fun, and I totally get why the school wants to expose us to as many of the different areas of vet med as possible, but I'm pretty sure I intrinsically knew that I don't enjoy being out in the sun (uugh, I have freckles now, even with my liberal use of my spf 100 sunscreen), I don't like flies landing on me, I don't like getting splattered with cow poop, and I'm not a big fan of having my arm buried up to my armpit in an animal's rectum.  Not entirely sure I needed 8 weeks of hands-on experience to learn those facts.  But to be fair, I did learn quite a bit of not-so-negative things as well.  I got a bunch of ultrasound experience.  I learned that I adore draft horses and jersey cows.  I've gotten a lot more comfortable working around animals that could easily squish me if they wanted to.  It's been a great 2 months.  But I'll be glad when it's over.

Last weekend, my next door neighbor brought her dogs to school for a continuing education class for vets to work on doing echocardiograms.  Basically, her dogs were there for the vets to practice their ultrasound skills on.  She has little dogs, and they wanted bigger dogs.  I told her she could bring Skwissgaar on Sunday, since he's good about hanging out with people poking him, and I've always wanted to find out if he has dilated cardiomyopathy.  I got Skwissgaar at 8 weeks old, since my friend owned his grandpa (his dam's sire) as a service dog.  When Skwissgaar was about 3 or 4 months old, my friend's seemingly perfectly healthy dog dropped dead.  So I've always known there was a chance that my guy had DCM, and I figured I could find out for sure.  So my neighbor gets back, and I asked her about it, and she had the worst look on her face.  So I kind of put her in the bad position of having to deliver the bad news that yes he does, but they think it's pretty early. I'm taking him into school tomorrow for the 3rd year internal medicine rotation, where he'll have another ecg, an echocardiogram, and some bloodwork done. We'll get a baseline of how far along he is, and hopefully with medications, we'll be able to buy as much time as possible before he goes into congestive heart failure, or just drops dead like his grandpa.  Skwissgaar's my bestest buddy in the world, so I'm going to be pretty broken if anything happens to him.

I was sitting on my front porch a few days ago, and looking at my new car.  I then realized that the little decorative hubs that go over the alloy wheels were gone.  I went and investigated.  All 4 were gone, and there's a pry mark on one of the alloy wheels where apparently it didn't come off gracefully.  I hate my neighborhood.  It would be nice to live somewhere where I didn't have to worry about parts getting stolen off my car while it's parked directly in front of my house.

Tomorrow's my 7-year wedding anniversary.  Tyler took Saturday off of work so we could celebrate, and actually spend an entire day together (which was awesome, after barely getting to see the guy while I was living out of hotel rooms.)  We wandered around Old Town Pasadena, and discovered a couple really cool shops.  The first shop was an old-timey soda and candy shop.  I bought these:
I'm a little bit afraid for my tastebuds, when I break them all open.  I'm sure the root beer, sarsaparilla and butterscotch ones will all be fine.  It's the bacon, buffalo hot wings, PBJ and pumpkin pie ones that are scary.  

We also discovered a store called the Gold Bug.  I need to win the lottery, so I can buy stuff from there - they have some amazing steampunk stuff (like this animatronic phoenix,) taxidermy, decorative plates and prints based off of old anatomy books, and various ephemera.  I'm in love, but I'm way to broke to ever afford anything there.  

Anyway, back to the grind.  Hopefully, soon I'll get back to more frequent, shorter updates.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm home!

Oh man, after 6 weeks of living in dorms/hotels, I'm done traveling until April.  I get to sleep in my own bed, I get to hang out with my critters and my husband, and I don't have to live out of a suitcase anymore!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

One more week...

And then maybe I can get some breathing room.

I've been on one of my equine rotations this past week, and I'm exhausted.  We show up to the clinic, and do reproductive exams on the horses until lunchtime.  Then we get a little bit of time to eat and log our cases, and wait to go out on calls with the ambulatory vet.  After those calls, we're free to leave, and go back to the hotel.  Once at the hotel, I've had just about enough time to eat something, and then sit down and start studying so I can answer every question I was given earlier that day.  I'm usually done by about 11 pm, or I just give up at that point, and try to get to sleep by midnight.  Then my alarm goes off at 7, and it starts all over again.  I'm exhausted, I've had little-to-no downtime, and now I'm spending my entire weekend doing the SOAPS that count for part of my grade for this course.  Oh, and it's been over 100 degrees in lovely Southern California, so that just adds to the exhaustion, after being outside in it all day.  Even with my copious amounts of SPF 100 I've been plastering on every morning, I'm still getting slightly burned and freckled.  One more week of this, and maybe I can catch my breath.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


That is all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guess who has a super safe hotel?

It's not us!

So this evening, we were hanging out in the room, when a random man opens our door, sees us, blusters an "I'm sorry," then disappears.  About 30 seconds later, we get a call from the front desk saying they had accidentally checked somebody into our room, so sorry, their bad.

WTF?  How does their computer even allow that?  If I had just given a random man access to a group of 4 girls' rooms, I would offer more than a half-assed apology.  Luckily, the guy seemed more confused than we were, and left, but what if he had been a sociopath?  What if we hadn't been in the room, and somebody just saw a bunch of laptops to steal?

Between the guys following Amy last week, the front desk not asking me to confirm who I was to re-magnetize my key card, and now this, I'm pretty unimpressed with Microtel.  I already sent an email complaining to their corporate office, and they better take this seriously.

On the plus side, we get to leave in 2 days.  I'm so over this place.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


We braved the hantavirus outbreak, and decided to use one of our days off this weekend to hit up Yosemite National Park.

Since my exposure to California has been largely limited to Southern California, I believe I've let how shitty the LA area is color my whole opinion of the state.  Yosemite definitely did a pretty good job in convincing me that the entire state doesn't suck.

I had a great day of enjoying being in a pine forest (none of those awful palm trees that dominate SoCal,) and getting my geology geek on, and now I'm ready to take on the last week of Dairy.