Saturday, September 15, 2012

One more week...

And then maybe I can get some breathing room.

I've been on one of my equine rotations this past week, and I'm exhausted.  We show up to the clinic, and do reproductive exams on the horses until lunchtime.  Then we get a little bit of time to eat and log our cases, and wait to go out on calls with the ambulatory vet.  After those calls, we're free to leave, and go back to the hotel.  Once at the hotel, I've had just about enough time to eat something, and then sit down and start studying so I can answer every question I was given earlier that day.  I'm usually done by about 11 pm, or I just give up at that point, and try to get to sleep by midnight.  Then my alarm goes off at 7, and it starts all over again.  I'm exhausted, I've had little-to-no downtime, and now I'm spending my entire weekend doing the SOAPS that count for part of my grade for this course.  Oh, and it's been over 100 degrees in lovely Southern California, so that just adds to the exhaustion, after being outside in it all day.  Even with my copious amounts of SPF 100 I've been plastering on every morning, I'm still getting slightly burned and freckled.  One more week of this, and maybe I can catch my breath.

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