Saturday, June 22, 2013

8 days to the big move

Moving truck delivered.  Check.  Everything that's not going to get used over the next week in boxes.  check.  All that time spent playing tetris being put to good use as I load the truck.  Check.  Finding an auto shipper for my 2nd car - not going so well.  Hopefully somebody will come get it in the next few days.  That's a whole drama in and of itself.

Speaking of drama, does anybody else have the problem of being a magnet for crazy?  I had to leave radiology early on Friday so I could keep biting my tongue without snapping at a classmate.  I really try not to be rude to people, and I don't know if they sense that, and see it as a weakness, or what.  But the last thing I need is a socially awkward person following me around in class, assuming a level of camaraderie that doesn't exist, and not picking up on social cues that I want to be left alone.  It happens to me all the time.  It's why I avoid using public transportation - it's almost guaranteed if I take a city bus, and there's 20 empty seats, that a crazy person will sit next to me and start talking.  It's why when I go to Stater Bros for a quick grocery run, I get stuck talking to some weird 40 year old guy who wants to talk about music, even as I'm acting disinterested and inching my cart away from him.  What body language are they picking up on, and how do I fix that, short of just being a raging bitch to everybody?

Do you remember this post from a few months back?

In it I was joking about all the online searching I was doing for my 3rd year on-campus classes about reportable diseases, public health, and disaster management.  You know, using a giant chunk of keywords on this list.  With the news about Edward Snowden's leaks of PRISM, I don't know if I should say I told you so, or be very, very sad about the complete destruction of privacy and 4th amendment rights in this country.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Anaheim silliness

Tyler and I had a rare day off together today.  Since I'm leaving California soon, my first thought that we should go to Disney before we move.  Then I realized that I'm not all that into disney, especially not for how expensive ticket prices are.  So we went to the Discovery Science Center instead.  Tyler's wanted to go since he found out there was a hockey exhibit, and I'm always game for a museum, even if it is geared towards kids.  We followed that up with German food (since there's no German restaurants near Pomona), and then we accidentally stumbled on the brick-and-mortar store for Ipso Facto.  All that money I saved by not going to Disney?  Completely decimated by going to that store.  Oh, well, at least I have something to show for it besides some photos and a sunburn.

Speaking of clothes, I ordered some swimsuits online, and the store I got them from had mystery grab-bag type shoes for super cheap.  I picked my size, and took a gamble.  It did not pay off.  I cannot walk in 6 heels.  If you're a size 10, not a klutz, and like leopard print, they're up for auction on ebay, before I break an ankle trying to walk in them.

We found a place to move to in Colorado.  It's a downstairs apartment in a 1900's house, and we've been warned that we will hit our heads on the ceiling if we're taller than 6', so we're cutting it close at 5'11".  But it's super cheap, it allows us to have our critters, and it's back home.  I'm stoked.  2 weeks and I'm out of the ghetto!

I'm still loving my radiology rotation.  We just finished up the first half of interpreting radiographs, and the next two weeks will be nothing but doing ultrasounds.  Did I mention how lucky I am to be able to take this course before Dr. J retires?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

What a week!

I just finished my first week of 4th year.  Right now I'm taking Dr. J's radiology, which I am so lucky that he was willing to do for our class before he retires.  He was one of my favorite professors in the first 2 years of school, and he's really making all of this imaging come together and make sense.  I think I've learned more useful information in the past week than I did in all of 3rd year.

In the meantime, I dropped Izzy and Billy off at Banfield.  Izzy blocked, and passed a stone while I was in Washington, and I wanted to see if using the stone dissolution diet was working.  Umm.. it doesn't appear to be, but she hasn't blocked again, so I guess I'll keep her on it.  Billy, my most favorite kitty in the whole world had dropped an alarming amount of weight over the past 2-3 weeks, despite eating everything, and starting the bad habit of trying to steal food from me as I'm putting it in my mouth.  A t4 confirmed that he's hyperthyroid, and will have to be on daily medication for the rest of his life, or until I can afford to have his thyroid treated with radiation.  I'm just glad he's taken care of, and hopefully he'll start putting on weight again soon.

I had applied for a really perfect looking house back in Colorado, and got a call from the property management company saying they wouldn't even look at my application because I had too many pets.  Now I'm moving in 3 weeks, with no house to move to, and I'm starting to freak out.  I need a home!