Friday, February 25, 2011

Midterms start monday

So it pretty much goes without saying that I'm going to be preoccupied until next friday. I've pretty much given up on getting any studying done tonight, but all day tommorrow and all day sunday are going to be spent re-writing my notes, and checking out a classmate's flashcard website.

Something I really like about my class is how cooperative everybody is. If we have a lab, a quiz or a demonstration, somebody almost always takes photos, and makes a powerpoint of notes that they send out to the rest of the class. I really appreciate the hell out of those people, and the time they save me.

One of the downsides of finishing up midterms next week is that we have to switch groups every 8 weeks. I had an amazing group with an amazing facilitator this time around, and I'll be sad to give that up.

Completely unrelated to school, our roommate got here from Colorado a couple days ago. Unfortunately, he didn't have room in his truck for my harp. However, we decided that if life was a game of tetris, he'd be the world champion - he managed to cram so much stuff into the bed of an old toyota truck, it's rediculous.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We've got a llama case this week. It's not really any different from the past couple weeks of neuro cases, except it's more fun, because in addition to researching stuff like the pathophysiology of seizures, I also get to randomly distract myself looking up llama evolution, random facts, and husbandry, and it's actually on topic. And llama worm up there? I maintain that finding related internet memes also counts as studying.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting video

This video is amazing, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. The bonobos are obviously sentient, so is it ok to keep them in an environment where they're basically institutionalized?

Thursday we had a parasitology lab. There were lots of strongyles and roundworms in jars. Thursday night Tyler and I went to get Thai food. I got chow mein, and he got some other noodley dish with tons of white sprouts in it. It took me about 3 bites before deciding that all of our food looked like the specimens from parasitology lab, and I no longer felt hungry. (Links to pictures are just random examples from google images, but you get the point.)

I got a whole bunch of books for my kindle this weekend - fiction, not textbooks. I then proceeded to spend the entire weekend starting to review for midterms (Eek! 2 weeks to go!) I have a feeling that I won't get to read any of those books until summer.

Tyler and I decided to have an early valentines day this weekend, and got a boardgame called bezzerwizzer. It's kind of like a more entertaining version of trivial pursuit. However, I think we need to find more people to play with, and do teams, because I kept pummeling him at it. Then he threatened to make me play Call of Duty with him, so he could kick my butt at something. Luckily, I avoided that trainwreck.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not much going on here

So I managed to get pretty much nothing done all weekend.

Friday night I dropped Tyler off at work, then hung out with some classmates at John's Incredible Pizza. Its basically a "family fun center." It was silly, but we had a blast winning tickets and goofing off.

Saturday, I couldn't get my ride situation worked out (with Tyler and I sharing a car,) so I didn't make it to tutoring, and then I somehow wasted the whole day online.

Today, I dropped Tyler off at work, then went to get my hair cut. It took way longer than I intended, and pretty much ate up my entire afternoon. Now it's late at night, and I'm trying to cram a whole weekend's worth of studying into a couple hours before I go to sleep.

I keep alternating between "Oh, neuro's finally making a lot of sense" and panicing that I know absolutely nothing. Our last three cases were pretty much peripheral nerves, cranial nerves and the spinal cord. I have a bad feeling that tomorrow we're going to start on a brain case, and then its going to get complicated.

I found this hilarious link yesterday, and since it's vaguely veterinary related, thought I'd post it here.