Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not much going on here

So I managed to get pretty much nothing done all weekend.

Friday night I dropped Tyler off at work, then hung out with some classmates at John's Incredible Pizza. Its basically a "family fun center." It was silly, but we had a blast winning tickets and goofing off.

Saturday, I couldn't get my ride situation worked out (with Tyler and I sharing a car,) so I didn't make it to tutoring, and then I somehow wasted the whole day online.

Today, I dropped Tyler off at work, then went to get my hair cut. It took way longer than I intended, and pretty much ate up my entire afternoon. Now it's late at night, and I'm trying to cram a whole weekend's worth of studying into a couple hours before I go to sleep.

I keep alternating between "Oh, neuro's finally making a lot of sense" and panicing that I know absolutely nothing. Our last three cases were pretty much peripheral nerves, cranial nerves and the spinal cord. I have a bad feeling that tomorrow we're going to start on a brain case, and then its going to get complicated.

I found this hilarious link yesterday, and since it's vaguely veterinary related, thought I'd post it here.

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