Friday, February 25, 2011

Midterms start monday

So it pretty much goes without saying that I'm going to be preoccupied until next friday. I've pretty much given up on getting any studying done tonight, but all day tommorrow and all day sunday are going to be spent re-writing my notes, and checking out a classmate's flashcard website.

Something I really like about my class is how cooperative everybody is. If we have a lab, a quiz or a demonstration, somebody almost always takes photos, and makes a powerpoint of notes that they send out to the rest of the class. I really appreciate the hell out of those people, and the time they save me.

One of the downsides of finishing up midterms next week is that we have to switch groups every 8 weeks. I had an amazing group with an amazing facilitator this time around, and I'll be sad to give that up.

Completely unrelated to school, our roommate got here from Colorado a couple days ago. Unfortunately, he didn't have room in his truck for my harp. However, we decided that if life was a game of tetris, he'd be the world champion - he managed to cram so much stuff into the bed of an old toyota truck, it's rediculous.

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