Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting video

This video is amazing, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. The bonobos are obviously sentient, so is it ok to keep them in an environment where they're basically institutionalized?

Thursday we had a parasitology lab. There were lots of strongyles and roundworms in jars. Thursday night Tyler and I went to get Thai food. I got chow mein, and he got some other noodley dish with tons of white sprouts in it. It took me about 3 bites before deciding that all of our food looked like the specimens from parasitology lab, and I no longer felt hungry. (Links to pictures are just random examples from google images, but you get the point.)

I got a whole bunch of books for my kindle this weekend - fiction, not textbooks. I then proceeded to spend the entire weekend starting to review for midterms (Eek! 2 weeks to go!) I have a feeling that I won't get to read any of those books until summer.

Tyler and I decided to have an early valentines day this weekend, and got a boardgame called bezzerwizzer. It's kind of like a more entertaining version of trivial pursuit. However, I think we need to find more people to play with, and do teams, because I kept pummeling him at it. Then he threatened to make me play Call of Duty with him, so he could kick my butt at something. Luckily, I avoided that trainwreck.

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