Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guess who has a super safe hotel?

It's not us!

So this evening, we were hanging out in the room, when a random man opens our door, sees us, blusters an "I'm sorry," then disappears.  About 30 seconds later, we get a call from the front desk saying they had accidentally checked somebody into our room, so sorry, their bad.

WTF?  How does their computer even allow that?  If I had just given a random man access to a group of 4 girls' rooms, I would offer more than a half-assed apology.  Luckily, the guy seemed more confused than we were, and left, but what if he had been a sociopath?  What if we hadn't been in the room, and somebody just saw a bunch of laptops to steal?

Between the guys following Amy last week, the front desk not asking me to confirm who I was to re-magnetize my key card, and now this, I'm pretty unimpressed with Microtel.  I already sent an email complaining to their corporate office, and they better take this seriously.

On the plus side, we get to leave in 2 days.  I'm so over this place.

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