Thursday, February 14, 2013

I think I'm a little bit in love with emergency medicine

I still have 2 more days on my emergency rotation, but I have definitely learned that the things I loved about seeing wildlife are the same things I love about emergency medicine.  Trauma cases come in, and you're frantically working to fix them or humanely euthanize them.  While working with injured wildlife has the advantage that they don't come attached to owners, emergency has the advantage of great hours and actually pays.  This could very well change my plans for after graduation.  

The only downside of the past few weeks is that my credit union disabled my debit card due to an "external compromise," then forgot to send me a new one.  I called them and asked when I should expect my new one in the mail, and the CSR was like "we don't have a record of having sent you a new one.  Would you like me to send one now?" No, dummy, I just want to never be able to access my bank account.  When I asked if they could overnight one, since they screwed up, they would only do it if I paid $50 to cover their screwup.  Gah.  For some reason, my debit card has been canceled and replaced 3 times since I've moved to California due to security breaches on the bank's end.  And it always gets replaced just as I memorize the number and can order stuff online without having to pull it out of my wallet.  Every time without fail.  

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