Monday, December 16, 2013

Done with NAVLE

So I took my national boards on Friday.  Despite it being a computerized test, I have to wait until January to find out how I did.  I really hope I never have to re-take that sucker.  Until I find out, I've got a few weeks off with no obligations, and it's fantastic.  I've got all my christmas shopping done, presents are wrapped, and I know this christmas won't be a repeat of last year's christmas.  Life is good.    I took Skwissgaar to my old schutzhund training group yesterday, and he showed off his mad training by ignoring the bite sleeve, running to the fence to chase the neighbor's horses, then refusing to come when called.  It was embarrassing, but he had fun.  Anyway, boring update, but I figured I'd update since I survived my boards.

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