Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last rotation of vet school....

I'm back in Pomona, commuting to my exotic animal rotation.  My originally scheduled exotics rotation was supposed to be in the Pacific NW, but that clinic went out of business unexpectedly.  The vet out here was kind enough to squeeze me in last minute.  I've had the luck to see quite a few amazing exotics this week, plus a ton of cool wildlife.  Everything from chameleons to lorikeets to baby possums to rattlesnakes.  The physical clinic here is amazing.  For the sake of anonymity, I can't describe it too much, since it is so one of a kind, but the doctor did something completely different with his decor and employee uniforms when he opened his own clinic, and it makes me incredibly happy to get to see it and be a part of it.

I'm also enjoying being back in Pomona.  Unlike when I was out here for the mandatory on-campus week in October, I'm not stressed about getting back home to see a husband I hadn't seen in two months to try to save an imploding marriage.  I just get to relax, learn, enjoy my rotation, and enjoy getting to spend time with good friends.  I'm also going to try to get to do the things I never got around to doing while I lived out here.  My little sib and I are going whale watching on Saturday, I'm planning on visiting the Gold Bug and Necromance one last time, and I still have a couple weekend days to fill.  I'm just really trying to make a positive memory of this place, and make it enjoyable, instead of being the place I lived in the crime-ridden ghetto during the most stressful and depressed years of my life.

When I've had weeks back in Colorado between clinical rotations, I've spent as much time as possible at my old work.  Last week, I got an official job offer, starting salary, and starting date.  It seems so surreal, and there were points (especially during the first half of first year), where I never believed I would get here.  Holy shit, this is happening.  In less than two months.  Life is good.

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