Friday, March 12, 2010

Best news ever today!

I was starting to get a little annoyed with Western. At our interview, we were told that we should have letters in the mail by or on the 15th. Somebody from the student doctor network called them and found out that they weren't going to mail letters until the 15th. Well, they sent out emails today, and I'm in! I'll be moving to California this summer! I have been in a constant giddy state all day, and I'm hoping the hubby will be home soon so we can go out and celebrate.

Reasons why California is going to rock:

Western U's problem-based-learning curriculum
Students are in the clinics from week 1
High # of surgeries done during school
Exposure to a large number of practices, and different ways of doing things
A "systems based" curriculum
Warm weather year round
Within driving distance of the beach, the mountains, amusement parks, pretty much anything
Trader Joes
Citrus trees
There are a bunch of guitar builders and luthiers out there - The hubby can probably find a job building guitars again.

I've got so much I need to do. I need to get through biochem, fix up the house so I can sell it, get my tattoo finished, sell a bunch of cars (definitely my hearse, but possibly my cavalier and hubby's truck too), find a place to live, pack, move cross country with 2 dogs and three unhappy cats, and figure out a way around a whole new city.

I can't wait!

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