Monday, August 15, 2011

Apparently I'm a klutz.

I set up my blog so I'm able to post via email, either from my PC or from my phone.  Apparently a few days ago I accidentially forwarded a completely random email to my blogspot email.  Oops.  Sorry if you saw that and was wondering WTF was up. 

Classes are going well.  I don't have any rotations this week, so it'll be a little more laid back than the weeks where I do have rotations.  This week's case deals with bone repair and some common parasites. (So far.  Maybe they'll throw us a twist later in the week?)  I'm trying to be more organized with my notes and studying this year, so I'm forcing myself to use OneNote to keep everything together.  It seems to be working so far, but I have a feeling that there are a bunch of cool features I haven't discovered yet. 

We also had a pathology club officer's meeting today, and one of the things we were talking about was fundraising.  I suggested that we try to set up a day where people can pay to get decent, professional-quality portraits of their pets taken.  Partly, because I think it's a novel way to make money, and partly because whenever people post their professional portraits of their dogs on the forums, I get a little bit jealous.

And on the subject of doberman pictures, I have the show breeder I got one of my rescue dobes from as a friend on facebook.  Her dobe just had a litter, and she's always posting pictures of the pups.  They're finally out of the larval puppy stage, and into the freakin' adorable stage.  I'm glad she's all the way in Kansas, so there's zero temptation to even go look at them. 

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