Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 4!

At school, we've got our new case for the week.  It's another horse case, but it looks like we're finally moving from bone to muscle. 
I've been trying to be good, and keep up with making a study guide as I go.  I was putting one together for muscle physiology, and googled a couple things, especially pictures, so I could be lazy, and not have to scan pictures out of my physiology and histology books. 

Then I took a brief break, and read some cracked articles.  Apparently, since I had cookies on my computer from sites that mentioned muscles, google ads threw THIS ad at the bottom of the article I was reading. 

Oh, my god.  Kill it with fire!  Since there's no such thing as brain bleach, and it cannot be unseen, I figured I'd share it, and everybody can be creeped out by captain testosterone.  

This was going to be a serious post, but I cannot figure out any way to segue from that picture to any other topic.  Balls. 

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  1. Brain Bleach... now that's a magnificent idea!