Monday, January 16, 2012

Sorry about not posting last week.

It's amazing how much a stupid little cold can knock you on your ass.  I got sick just as I got back to school over break.  No big deal, just a runny nose, and feeling generally crummy and tired.  But feeling crummy and tired does not mesh well with having to read about neurological problems.  I'd read a page, then realize I was zoned out for half of it, then have to try and find where I left off, and start over. Combine that with never feeling like I had enough sleep, plus having to catch up on stuff that didn't get done, and the last 2 weeks have been pretty much FUBAR.  We just had a three day weekend, and I'm pretty much caught up now, but holy crap,  don't get sick in vet school.   

If you want to read something snarky and hilarious, I found this new blog -  Enjoy.  

Also, this breaks my heart. It made me want to cry, so if you're squeamish, and don't want to click on it, basically a 7 year old doberman was dropped off at a shelter weighing 30 pounds.  Worst pictures ever.  But now she's in a permanent home, and slowly gaining weight, so yay! Happy ending!  

I also found this, when looking at the DAN website (the orginazation that pulled Noelle from the shelter in the first place.)  Click on that link, then look on the bottom right where it says "igive," click on the link to download a tiny toolbar, and sign up.  Any normal online shopping you do, from hundreds of websites ends up donating a small portion to DAN.  For example, amazon orders give 0.8% of your purchase price to the rescue, while stores like zazzle give 8%.  It takes under 5 minutes to sign up and install it, and chances are you buy things online anyway, so make some good come out of it.   

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