Sunday, January 29, 2012

My house smells amazing right now

There's nothing better than baking.  I got an email reminder from the president of the pathology club that we were holding a breakfast fundraiser tomorrow, and she asked if I'd make muffins again.  I didn't have the ingredients, so I'm making orange cinnamon rolls instead.  Then, I decided since I was already making bread dough, and I had some cabbage in my fridge, that I'd make runzas.  If you've never heard of them, it's because they're a weird mid-west food that has part russian part german origins.  It's basically cabbage, hamburger and onions sauteed together, then baked into a bread roll.  It sounds bizarre, but it is wonderful.

I recently downloaded this app for my tablet - it's basically cat toys that roll around on the screen, and when the cats touch the screen, they can pin down the toy.  Here's a video of big cats playing with the ipad version.

Anyway, they finally released it for the HP touchpad, so I got it for my kitties.  Out of the 4 kitties I've tried to get to play with it, I've had some pretty mixed results.  D'Arcy watches it intently, but doesn't really paw at the screen.  Billy gets into it, and plays with it the way it was designed.  Stego doesn't even look at the screen. Chicken, because she's trouble, got super interested in watching the toys roll around, then tried to chew on the side of the tablet.  Grr.

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