Monday, July 25, 2011

Rather impressive.

Last Christmas, I got a kindle. It's been awesome - I can carry around a whole library of books (including textbooks) in something that's smaller than a notebook, and weighs less than a pound. It's way nicer to have a choice of textbooks in my backpack all the time, instead of having to plan for which ones I'll need to bring with me to class.

There's only been one downside. It occasionally freezes. Usually rebooting it, and making sure it's fully charged does the trick. Not Saturday. It would freeze, reboot on it's own, then freeze again. Eventually it got so frozen, I couldn't even reboot it.

It was finally bad enough that I steeled myself to call amazon's customer service. If you're anything like me, customer service is the last resort. It's where you call if you want to spend hours listening to shitty easy listening jazz, followed by questions about whether or not your device is plugged in, making you power cycle it, or any of the freaking obvious things you tried to avoid calling them. Then you get to the point where none of those things work (because they didn't work before you called!) and the CSR is baffled, because that's not in the script. You're put back into jazz he'll while they transfer you to the next person who may have a different script to go off of, before finally throwing you back on hold to somebody who may be able to help you, if you're lucky.

So I prepared myself for this before calling amazon. I looked their number up on their website, and it had an option to sign in, and have them call me, so I wouldn't have to repeat my account information. The phone rang almost immediately, with a real human on the other side. They asked what was wrong, and transferred me to a different department. There was a brief 30 second interlude of baroque music, then another human. She immediately recognized the problem - apparently an older version of the leather cases (which I also got for Xmas) short out the kindles. She immediately sent out a new device, and credited my account for $35 for a new case - even though the one I had was purchased at target. Both packages were supposed to arrive at my house Wednesday, but I got the case cover today, and the tracking for my kindle says it should show up tomorrow - even faster than promised.

I am so shocked. I never have pleasant customer service experiences. This just makes me love my kindle (well, the new one) even more.

If there are any students reading this - I highly suggest you look into amazon prime. If you have a .edu address, you get a year of free 2 day shipping. Totally helpful for textbooks and stuff. (and I don't get paid for promoting that.)

Hopefully the formatting on this post is ok. This is the first time I've sent a blog post from my phone.

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