Friday, September 23, 2011

I am too easily distracted

It's Friday, which means that various people in my neighborhood are partying, and my poorly insulated 1920's house doesn't exactly keep out the noise.  I had the brilliant idea of putting on some instrumental music to drown it out so I could study.  Apparently, I cannot study and listen to Vivaldi at the same time - too many countermelodies to just get lost in.  I think an hour just disappeared sitting on the couch with earbuds in. 
And this is embarassing, but there was a part in one of the concertos I wanted to see what was going on in - so I downloaded the score, and apparently I can no longer read treble cleff.  It appears as if you don't use it for 10 years, you have to resort back to cheezy mnemonics to read it.  At least bass cleff is permanently seared into my brain.  (Now that would be embarassing if I forgot it.) 

The whole music thing really gets to me sometimes out here.  Playing music's always been a huge stress reliever, and I pretty much left everything at home.  Sure, I have my bass guitars out here, but I didn't have room in the moving pod for my amp.  And yes, I have the ukulele I just got, but that's a joke - I have a hard time even regarding it as a real instrument.  I really wish my harp wasn't sitting in my mom's living room back in Colorado, and I wish I still had my upright bass.  Selling my cello right before I moved probably wasn't the brightest move either, but once again, there was no space for it in the pod.  I just feel like I left a huge chunk of myself in Colorado, and it's honestly one of the things that makes me the most homesick at times.  I have to keep reminding myself that I chose science over music, and watching Tyler's attempt at a career in music definitely makes me realize I made the right choice, but damnit, I wish I could have both right now. 

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