Monday, September 26, 2011

1 week until mid-terms!

We're in the final stretch of week 8 - one more case, then a solid week of tests. 

I like to try to guess what type of case our upcoming cases will be.  I'm very often wrong, but it's a fun momentary distraction.  I was thinking that this week's case was going to be a large animal infectious disease (because we've gotten those alot right before exams,) but instead, it's a dog emergency case.  Talk about being pleasantly surprised.  I was just going to be happy if it wasn't another horse case.  I'm starting to feel like this about horses:

So far there's not a lot of NEW information on this case, but it does review a lot of old information and physiology from all over the place from last year.  While it should take some time to get caught up, it shouldn't be hard to remember with a little bit of review. 

My friend's out of the hospital, and doing well.  Unfortunately, she missed so much school, that she's going to either have to start her 2nd year over next year, or try to do next semester with our class, and fall semester with the class of 2015.  I'm really bummed out about not having her around, but incredibly thrilled that she's doing alright, and that she kicked the butt of sepsis and pneumonia. 

I need to kick my butt into high gear this week to prepare for exams.  I've got a rotation tomorrow, which hopefully won't cut into my study time too much.  I'd much rather be right in the middle of midterms, then have them a week away and looming over everything.  Hopefully time will fly. 

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