Sunday, October 2, 2011

Commence the fetal position

Midterms start tomorrow.  Amazing how yesterday, when I was reviewing, everything was serene, and I felt like I knew what I was doing.  Today, the opposite is true.  There's so many more things I need to review!  My pets are sensing that I'm stressed, so they're being extra clingy, then when they're pushed away, they decide that they just need to be more pushy and try even harder.  Aargh. 

I don't know if I updated on here or not, but my friend who was hospitalized is out and doing well.  The school's having her drop down into the class of 2015, and re-start her 2nd year, since she missed so much class.  I'm pretty bummed out about not having my best friend in my class with me anymore, but here's how awesome she is - yesterday, she thought I'd need a study break, and took me to get burgers. She told me today that even though she missed the last 4 cases, she'd do everything she could to quiz me and help me study.  She's such a badass, I'm going to miss having her around so much. 

About 5 years ago, I was considering going to dental school, instead of vet school.  When I was talking to my dentist about it, he said something along the lines of "You have to be a sadomasochist to go to dental school.  A sadist to do this to people all day, and a masochist to get through school."  While I ultimately chose vet med (because I wanted to have a career where I looked forward to going into work every day,) I was thinking about his quote earlier today.  Since there's really no sadism in vet med, I guess that just confirms that I'm a straight up masochist.  (Thanks, midterms for pointing that out!) 

At school we constantly get bombarded with hundreds of emails per week.  Some of them actually apply to us, or are important papers from classmates, or veterinary related clubs.  Others just clog up your inbox, and make you have to sort through and delete 20 spammy messages every day.  This week, we've been getting emails from the alternative medicine club (which I assume is associated with the DO school.)  It's a reminder for a lunch talk on homeopathic medicine, and they're providing a "free, non-pizza lunch."  Every time they send a reminder, I keep picturing them dropping a piece of pepperoni into a big bucket of water, diluting it over and over, then using that to feed the people coming to the lecture.  "Well, it's technically not pizza, and hopefully the placebo effect will make you feel full for an hour or so."

The new season of Dexter starts today, and I'm too broke to get showtime.  If anybody knows of a good place to download episodes, please let me know.  I'd rather not have to wait almost a year until it comes out on DVD. 

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  1. Try They usually upload episodes within a couple of days. Good luck with midterms!