Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 down, 2 to go.

And tomorrow cannot end soon enough.  I've got the worst tests out of the way, and I've already gotten a grade back on my molecular and cellular test (which I felt like I bombed, but I got my highest score ever on - there must have been a wicked curve, because I don't feel like I did that well.)  Tomorrow are two of the easiest tests of the week - clinical skills, where we do stuff like suture, put halters on animatronic horses, calculate drug dosages - all the relatively simple stuff that should theoretically be a breeze.  My brain is fried from this week, and for some reason, my hands always start shaking during that test, so things that I do well when I don't have somebody looking over my shoulder looking for ways to dock points go to shit. Try using surgical tools to put a nut on a bolt when your hands are shaking.  No bueno.   

My "studying" for that test is not going well so far.  We had some models available in the banfield to practice orthopedic maneuvers, that I was going to practice on this afternoon - apparently they took them away yesterday, so I get to go to the test without being able to practice them.  I tried practicing on the dogs, but they're only so patient for so long, and after a full orthopedic exam, and eye exam, Izzy tried to bite my face off when I went to use the otoscope on her ears.)  If I had known the models would be gone, I would've taken an hour out of studying for today's test to go do it yesterday.  Whatever, it is what it is.  

After clinical skills, we have the ACT - it's my favorite test, since instead of filling in bubbles for a couple hours, you actually get to write what you know, and use problem solving instead of just regurgitating information.  The best part about the ACT?  After I finish writing it, I have a three day weekend ahead of me!  

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