Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New block started today!

Oof, long day.  Anatomy at 8.  Review test scores from 2 of last week's tests (the rest of the scores will slowly dribble in over the next few weeks.)  Meet Sarah for lunch before she moves back to New Hampshire on Thursday.  Palpate cows for pregnancy (eee!  I actually could feel membrane slip and amniotic vesicles!)  After palpating cows, completely forget all answers to questions we're asked about the estrous cycle (since it's been almost a year since I studied it.)  Get stuck in traffic on the way home.  Get a text from Sarah that her landlord isn't letting her keep her apartment while she's gone, and she now has about 36 hours to pack.  Help her pack.  Haul a carload of boxes full of textbooks back to my house for storage.  Sit down to study for this week's case, and realize that I'm too tired to even pay attention to what I'm reading.  Post on blog instead of doing anything useful.

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