Monday, October 31, 2011

My poor baby girl

So Izzy had surgery today.  First, I have to say how abso-fucking-lutely amazing Dr. Bossong is.  He worked through his lunch break to do the cystotomy.  If I can be half the vet he is when I graduate, I'll be lucky.  I watched all but the last few minutes through the windows of the surgery suite.  If I didn't have to run to PBL, I would have stayed for all of it.  First, I have never seen a bladder that red and angry before.  I've only watched 3 or 4 other cystotomies, but the bladders on those were still pretty much normal pink.  Izzy's was bright red, and thick.  At first, Dr. Bossong couldn't find any of the stones, but when they flushed the urethra, they found that they had all pretty much settled in there (I cannot imagine how badly that hurt). Here's a small amount of what was taken out of her (the rest either went down the drain, or were sent to the lab.)

Anyway, Izzy's drugged up like crazy right now, and even though she just had abdominal surgery, she seems more comfortable tonight than she has since this all started on Wednesday.
Out of our two dogs, Izzy's Tyler's spoiled baby girl, and Skwissgaar's my spoiled boy.  I was worried about Skwissgaar annoying the heck out of Izmere, but I think he realizes something's going on.  For once in his life, he's actually being calm, and not pestering the poor girl.  He's been hanging out in his crate, and letting me hang out next to Izmere without getting jealous of the attention he's not getting.

Anyway, I need to get started studying for this week before the trick-or-treaters start ringing my doorbell every 5 minutes.  Our case this week is a runty mini schnauzer.  I'm relieved that we seem to be off of this whole cow GI kick we've had going the past 2 weeks.  On to the liver! (I think.)

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