Sunday, October 30, 2011

Poor Izzy

So Izmere's been a pain in the butt this weekend.  Last night, she managed to get out of her e-collar, chew through her ridiculous getup, and chew out her catheter, while unsupervised for maybe 20 minutes. I swear, she was just waiting for the first opportunity she wasn't being watched like a hawk.

Since she was still dribbling some pee, and didn't seem to be completely blocked, we elected to just take a "wait and watch" strategy, instead of having another catheter placed.  So today, she was lying on the couch, and started breathing heavily.  I walked over to check on her, and I swear, I heard a cartoonish "pop" noise.  All of a sudden, an entire bladder full of urine starts pouring out (luckily my couch cushion covers are removable.) After getting her outside, I went to clean up the accident, and found this.

I cannot imagine how badly it would have to hurt to pass something like that, but I feel so bad for my baby girl.  At least now she's sleeping, and acting more comfortable.  Less than 24 hours until surgery, and we can hopefully get this behind us.

I've spent all week worrying about her, taking her to vets, and I haven't gotten a whole lot of studying done.  I'm frantically trying to catch up on this week's case today, so I can start tomorrow's case with a clean slate.

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