Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am so exhausted.

Last night, my lovely dog decided to get a urinary blockage. Of course, our dogs never manage to get sick during the day, they always wait until around midnight.  After waiting about an hour, we decided to take her into the ER.  The first ER told us they were about to do an emergency surgery, and steered us towards another one in Upland.  The ER vet in Upland didn't feel comfortable un-blocking her (and was not the most pleasant vet I've come across, so I really didn't mind going elsewhere), so sent us to their other location in El Monte, about 25 minutes away.  So around 2 am, we finally got her seen, and unblocked.  We lucked out, since it happened to be a clinic that a classmate worked at before coming to school, and the vet was a 2007 Western grad. He treated Izzy for free, under the condition that I "gave my classmate a hard time."  Finally got home at 4:30, got to sleep around 5:30, and my alarm went off for class at 7.  I then dropped Izzy off at Banfield for a urinanalysis, and I'm going to try to manage her bladder stones medically, but she's probably going to need a cystotomy at some point.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can put it off until January, since I am flat broke, out of funds, and relying on my parents to help pay my bills until the next disbursement of student loans.  I managed to take a 1 1/2 hour nap after class, but I'm running on fumes, trying to get a bunch of studying done before tomorrow.  It's not quite as productive as I had hoped.

I'm tired, and stressed about money, and I just want this week to be over.

Speaking of money, surprisingly, that is probably the most stressful aspect of vet school.  We moved into the cheapest house we could find that would let us have our dobermans, which costs almost twice what our house in Colorado did, and it's a much worse value. At least my old house was in a good neighborhood, unlike my Pomona ghetto neighborhood here where I get to see homeless people sleeping in the park across the street, and hear hookers yelling at their johns.  When I budgeted what we could afford before we moved, I made the mistake of thinking I would cover half, and my husband would cover half of our bills.  It has not turned out that way at all.  He's only managed to find a low paying job that gives him around 35 hours per week, and barely covers gas and his own bills, with next to nothing left towards shared bills.  So around halfway through each semester, I find myself flat broke, and mooching off my parents' generosity, and it stresses me out like no other to have to ask them to pay my rent, when I should be a self-sufficient adult by now.  The resentment tends to build up towards my husband for not carrying his own weight, and I just get overwhelmed.  And then on top of all of that, I have to figure out how to get my dog surgery.  This is the 3rd ER visit with one of our dogs since moving here, and it seems like they're just financial time bombs.  They're already the reason why we have to live in a more expensive house, instead of a studio apartment.  Stupid cute, furry money pits.

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