Monday, October 17, 2011

Those are cute shoes. I wonder why I never wear them?

I wish I had answered that question before the day started.  I grabbed this forgotten pair of mossimo ballet flats out of my closet this morning and threw them on.  I then drove to class, and realized that all the parking lots were full, except the one 4 blocks away.  Walking to class quickly answered my question from earlier in the morning.  I don't wear these shoes because they're evil, not broken in, and completely lacerated the backs of my heels. 

I enrolled in this business certificate program through the VBMA, which has a bunch of required lunch talks.  Today's talk was supposed to be about personality differences in the workplace.  It ended up being a 30 minute talk about Meyers Briggs personality types, and then another 20 minute digression into why the speaker's husband's personality traits infuriate her.  Awkward.  Not sure what exactly that had to do with business skills.  :)  

After lunch, I limped up to PBL, where we found out that our case is a calf with diarrhea.  So after I'm done procrastinating on here, I need to start looking into rumen anatomy and physiology, a bunch of microbiology, and fluids and acid/base balance stuff.  I know it's only the 2nd week of this block, but I'm way more in love with the internal medicine cases than the musculoskeletal cases.  

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