Friday, November 4, 2011

Izzy update

It's been 4 days since Izmere's surgery.  The difference between how she was acting last week, and how she's acting this week is astonishing.  Last week, she was only getting up when she had to, she was depressed, she stopped eating, and she was hurting.  This week, she's wagging her little tail nubbin again, she's giving kisses, and she keeps trying to run and play, and I ended up having to lock Skwisgaar up in a different room so she would stop play-bowing at him.

One of the strange things about her the past few weeks has been her attitude towards me.  She's always preferred Tyler over me, and I'm pretty convinced the only reason she tolerates me is because she knows she'll get in trouble for trying to pull the whole alpha bitch thing again.  Anyway, she's been sick, and guess who she's been demanding cuddles from?  I'm a little skeptical of her being so nice to me.  When she starts feeling better, is she going to go back to trying to wedge herself between me and Tyler when we're watching TV, then trying to kick me off the couch? Even if it is a transient niceness, I'll take it while I can get it.

Today in our Molecular and Cellular Biology class, our group had to give a presentation on how VEGF interacts with angiogenesis in portosystemic shunt surgeries.  I hate how no matter how much I practice the night and morning before a presentation, I get in front of a group, and my mind blanks, and I feel like I sound like an idiot.  At least it's over for this block, and I'll only have to do 2 more MCB presentations this year.  

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