Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spay Goodness

Awhile ago, I signed up for this study that's being done by one of our professors.  The study's looking at the feasibility of teaching 2nd year students to do laparoscopic spays vs. the traditional abdominal incision spays.  I just got an email this morning saying I'd been selected to participate in the study.  I don't yet know what group I'll be assigned to, but I should find out soon.  I'm happy with either.  If I get to learn laparoscopic techniques, that will be really exciting, but if I'm assigned into the "normal" spay group, it will be nice to get additional training in that as well.

I also had my VACS rotation this afternoon.  I got to scrub in on a spay, assist, and do parts of the procedure.  Next block, I'll get to do even more.  Last night, I was rather terrified about it.  I spent the whole time from when I got home from school to just before I went to sleep studying the surgical procedures over and over.  When I got to VACS, instead of being terrifying, the way Dr. Bossong walked you through everything, it was a confidence building experience.  I'm excited for next time.

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