Friday, November 25, 2011

Long weekend

I had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday.  I cooked a big feast for myself and Tyler, so we're probably going to live off of nothing but turkey leftovers until finals are over.  Even though I spent most of Wednesday after class, and Thursday morning cooking, having thanksgiving with only the two of us is so much nicer than the usual guilt trips, manipulation, and awful conversation that comes along with visiting extended family.  Now, that's not from my side of the family - it's pretty much all from my crazy mother-in-law.  Basically, the formula for a great holiday is doing absolutely anything that doesn't include her.  I know that sounds like a terrible way to speak of somebody, but if you met her, you'd understand immediately.

One of the great things about Tyler is how he turns everything into a joke.  After dinner, the two of us were ripping up the turkey carcass and putting all the meat in tupperware containers.  He'd pull off a piece and say "What's this?  Is it food?" before putting it with the leftovers or trash.

So he grabs this branched piece and holds it up.
Tyler:  "What the hell is this?"
Me: "Umm, that kind of looks like the aortic arch."
Tyler: "So it's food?"
Me: "Eww, no!"
Tyler: "So you're saying you don't want to eat it?"
Me (gagging): "Please throw that away."
Tyler shoves the aortic arch in his mouth and starts chewing on it with his mouth open. "mmm.  rubbery."  He then pulls it out of his mouth and holds it at me.  "Want some?"
And that is how I almost threw up on a turkey carcass yesterday.

I still have 3 more days of my long weekend.  Our last 3 cases have been female repro cases, so I figured since I have some time, that I would read the entire "Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition" textbook.  About 3 chapters in, my attention span has gone on the fritz.  Hopefully it will come back sometime soon so I can finish the other 12 chapters.

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