Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random stuff

Remember me complaining about my next door neighbors, and their propensity to shake my house with 100 decibel mariachi music?  I swear, they must have earned me some "good neighbor" karma, because my neighbors on the other side of me are awesome.

They're 2nd year DO students.  They're quiet.  They have super-sweet puppies that I get to love on.  We exchange cookies.  And best of all?  They yelled at the bad neighbors on the other side of me over the weekend, and they haven't blared music since. (Which I'm sure is only a temporary reprieve, but I'll take what I can get.)

Anyway, their level of awesomeness is pretty proportional to the other neighbor's shittiness.  I'll be sad when their rotations start next year, and they move away.

Our case this week is a reproduction case with a clouded leopard.  One of the issues brought up in the case was stress, and how it affects repro.  Anyway, I was reading about the adrenal glands, and reviewing Cushing's and Addison's diseases, when it kind of clicked for me.  I wonder what the signs of Cushings are in humans?  So I ended up looking that up, and it pretty much exactly matches one of my good friends back home - the potbelly with skinny legs, the moon face, dry hands, skin tags, acne, stretch marks, and diabetes.  So I sent him a quick email basically saying "not to butt in, but maybe you should read this and mention it to your doctor." Anyway, it kind of got me thinking about where exactly that line is that should not be crossed into human medicine.  Is saying what I did to a close friend about mentioning something specific to their doctor crossing a line?

And because we have a clouded leopard case this week, I need to promote an awesome website.  Zooborns is a blog that posts pictures of newborn animals from zoos all over the world.  If you need some "aww" injected into your day, that's the place to do it.  (Pic below of a clouded leopard cub at the Point Defiance Zoo.)

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