Monday, September 12, 2011

Looks like a light week

So far this week, it looks like our case covers one of the differentials we covered during neuro block last year.  Nothing new (yet) to study.  Anatomy consists of the sinuses, larynx and pharynx, there's some microbiology, and radiographic anatomy of the horse noggin.  It's nice to have a light workload leading up to midterms. 

VACS last week was awesome.  I monitored anesthesia for a rabbit neuter, and watched a couple more rabbit neuters, a rabbit OVH, and two guinea pig neuters.  Out of all the rotations we do, VACS is the one I really look forward to getting to do, instead of seeing it as an inconvenience in the middle of a busy week. 

I have two more rotations this week.  Thursday I have an equine rotation, and in two weeks I have a rotation at Hills (which pretty much consists of wellness care and behavioral consults.)

Just in case anybody wanted to know why I play bass/harp, and don't sing, here's proof to you that I may be slightly tone deaf.  Did I mention that I got a freakin' ukulele this weekend?  I may not have any of the instruments I like here with me in California, but I now have a really high pitched instrument with a terrible tone. 

I was going to wait until just before midterms to post this, but I should probably be studying then, not uploading videos to youtube.  May I present what should be Western U's school spirit song? 


  1. Thanks. I needed to spew coffee out my nose today. YOMANK.

  2. Since when do you play ukulele?

  3. Umm, I play Uke since I got one 2 days ago. :)