Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Fancy

Saturday night, Tyler and I went to the vet med formal.  It's a tradition that started last year, and will probably continue on until some class decides they don't feel like organizing it.

It was a pretty great night, and it was an excuse to actually dress up for once, instead of living in a t-shirt and hoodie like I have been.  And because no matter how much of an adult I am, I'll always be a goth kid at heart, I had to throw my awesome steel-boned Louise Black corset that I haven't had a chance to wear yet over my normal formal dress.

And to match the corset, I had to wear the alchemy gothic bracelet Tyler got me for my birthday.

Anyway, it was a pretty great night.  I got to hang out with three of my favorite people. I got to meet their mythical boyfriends, who I've heard about for months, but have never actually gotten to meet.  And I got to see what happens when you mix 100 vet students with an open bar.  (Mostly bad dancing, with the occasional wardrobe malfunction mixed in.)

I'll post better pictures when I get access.  My friends took some, and there was a professional photographer there.  I'm pretty sure at one point, Tyler and I decided to take a professional picture while he was pretending to be a velociraptor, and I was shying away trying not to get bitten.  Should be entertaining to see the proofs of those. (Proofs added, see below.  This is why we can't have nice things.)

We finally got our test scores back today for our VBS tests.  This time around, I pretty much centered my studying on anatomy, since it's the one subject score I want to bring up.  They divide our test scores into the 12 "ologies," like toxicology, physiology, parisitology, anatomy, etc. (And yes, I know "anatomy" isn't technically an "ology.")  So I blew off studying a lot of the other subjects, and put way more time into anatomy.  Guess what happened?  I managed to raise my grade in EVERY OTHER SUBJECT except anatomy.  Well, I did manage to raise it .24%, but it's definitely NOT proportionate to the amount of time I spent on it.  On the plus side, after how horrible that second VBS test felt last Thursday, I did pass it, and did decently well on it.  Same with the MCB test I was freaked out about.  Now if only I could figure out how not to be anatomy-retarded.

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