Sunday, March 25, 2012

How's this for an amazing Spring Break?

I'm back in California today, after spending all day yesterday cramped in a tiny car with Tyler and the two pups. For not having a lot of time in Colorado (less than a week,) I managed to squeeze in quite a fair amount of pure awesomeness.

The best thing that came out of visiting home for spring break was going by the clinic I used to work for, and visiting my old boss.  She's an absolutely amazing vet - one of those people who gets all of her clients through word-of-mouth, has an amazing bedside manner, practices high-quality medicine, and donates a lot of her time to do wildlife rehab.  She's one of the big reasons I am where I am today.  And she told me that she wants me to buy her clinic from her once I graduate.  Her awesome clinic that's built on a couple acres that used to be a mini golf course, and has areas in back for soft releases of injured wildlife, goldfish ponds, and still has a windmill and a fort, because who doesn't want a fort on their property?  The clinic that's on a side of town that's constantly growing.  The clinic that has more than enough room to expand or build out if it ever becomes necessary, and has a great reputation.  I'm pretty freaking excited, if you can't tell.

After talking to her, I wandered out to the back of the property, and got to meet her new landscapers - two pygmy goats named Lady and Buttons (Animaniacs reference for the win!)  They hopped around and did goat things, and let us give them head skritches.  Anyway, they were way too cute.

Tyler also got a job lined up for when he moves back to Colorado.  He's probably going to move back the summer between my third and fourth year, and get things settled for when I graduate.  He swung by one of his old jobs, and they told him they'll be needing a new manager, about the time he'll be moving back, due to his old one retiring, and they'll hold it for him if he's interested.

We also managed to pack in a bunch of stuff with some friends that I hadn't seen in ages.  Went swing dancing, bowling, had a crazy guy outside the Denver Diner sing us some R&B, got some food we've been homesick for, and basically just had a super relaxed, fun week.

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