Sunday, April 1, 2012

A little bummed out

Thursday, our group had our last VACS rotation of 2nd year.  I got to do a canine neuter.  VACS has been my favorite of the rotations, and I'm a little sad that I don't get to do it anymore.  I have three more rotations of the year - large animal, equine, and Hill's wellness center, and I feel like by doing VACS so early in the block that I don't really have anything left to look forward to.

This morning, I was planning on sleeping in.  My plans were thwarted by Tyler waking me up at 8 to help him change a flat tire.  After getting the tire off of the car, on the inside sidewall was a giant piece of what used to be a hotwheels or matchbox car.  WTF?  How does a shard of diecast car get in the sidewall?  I was expecting a nail, or glass, but a hotwheels?

We had a renal toxicity case this week, that I'm still trying to catch up on doing all of my reading for.  Usually, our PBL cases progress in a way so that Monday and Tuesday we can get the majority of our basic science reading done, Wednesday and Thursday, we can add more details, and by the time we get our disclosures on Friday, we're just wrapping up loose ends.  This week was not one of those weeks.  Monday's disclosures just pointed to a dog with neurological signs that was possibly in shock.  No idea which organ system to even look at.  Tuesday in Anatomy, they told us to concentrate on the kidneys.  Did some kidney anatomy and physiology on Tuesday afternoon.  It wasn't until Wednesday that we got enough information from the case to narrow the toxins we were looking at down to specific renal toxins.  Wednesday I was at school until 7:30 for the spay study, so I didn't get much reading done, and Thursday I had VACS until 5, and still had to read my molecular and cellular biology papers for Friday morning.  So today has been me playing catch up, since Monday and Tuesday were basically wasted as far as meaningful studying goes.  The bad timing of this week combined with recovering from spring break has just made it really hard to get back into the swing of things.

A couple months ago, I applied for a summer job with the USDA, basically following a vet, doing slaughterhouse food inspection (basically making sure zoonotic diseases don't enter the food supply.)  About a month ago, I got an email saying my status had been updated, to being in the list of best qualified applicants. Yesterday, I got another email saying my status had been updated again, except when I log in, it still says the same thing.  I understand government jobs work at their own speed, and the hiring process isn't going to be instantaneous, but I just want to know whether or not I have this job!  (Can you tell that patience and uncertainty are not my strong points?)

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