Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So after last week's fiasco, a bunch of classmates emailed the administration about "Ginny Forest."  The resolution?  She's still in class.  Good to know that good students like Sarah can get legitimately sick, and even though they would have been able to catch up on missed classes, get kicked out, while pathological liars can cry (or god knows what else) their way out of anything.

We had a heart auscultation lab at school today, and it was wonderful getting to hear murmurs on real live animals, vs. trying to listen to mp3s.  Plus, I got to snuggle a kitty that looks like Wilford Brimley.  To make it even more awesome, when I just googled for an image to illustrate my point, I found this website.  Apparently there's an epidemic of diabeetus cats out there.

I read a news article earlier today about an officer in TX that went to the wrong address, and fatally shot this guy's dog.  Know what threatening thing the dog was doing at the time?  Yeah.  Playing frisbee with his owner. It's not an isolated incident, it seems that about every 6 months or so a news story pops up with the exact same plot line.  Cops go to wrong house, cops kill family pet, cops keep job with no repercussions.  And those news stories scare the crap out of me every time.  I just think back to how incompetent the police here were when my car got hit by a drunk driver - they basically told me that I shouldn't call them for something so insignificant, then arrested the wrong guy.  What's to stop them from being similarly incompetent, and showing up here instead of at my criminal-2-houses-down-neighbor's house? The thought seriously chills my blood.

I got an email earlier today from the USDA about their summer vet student program.  Denied.  :(  Now I really need to figure out how to not end up homeless over the summer.  Anybody want to hire me full time?

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