Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Overwhelmed

I just filled out my preferences for third year, and wrote a 4 page paper for our ethics and law class.  I feel like this week is going to run over me, back up, and run over me again.

Tomorrow, I have a dinner talk for the VBMA to go to.  That knocks out studying Monday night.  
Tuesday, I have a hills rotation, so I don't get out of class until 5.  That usually means I don't start studying until 7-ish, and only get a couple hours in.  
Wednesday, we get our molecular and cellular biology paper, which our group has to present on friday.  So I get to comb through the paper with a fine tooth comb, research all the ambiguous parts, and put together part of a powerpoint.  
Thursday, our group's meeting to put together our MCB paper, and figure out what the hell we're doing for a video we have to make for next week about ECGs.  
That pretty much puts me at Friday before I get any useful chunk of time to get any meaningful studying done.  Just thinking about it makes me start to hyperventilate a bit.  At least I got my stupid 4 page paper out of the way.  

On the less whiny side of things, I went to the Renaissance Fair on Saturday with a classmate.  She hadn't been to one before, so it was a blast.  I was starting to get annoyed with some of the people in costume, though.  For a ren fair, you expect the typical renaissance costumes, tolerate some pirates, but generally the anachronism should be around the same(ish) time period.  This time, there were a TON of fairies, steampunks, and some guy in a Ghille suit, that I think was supposed to be some sort of Green Man.  For some reason, it was really bothering me, but then I decided to re-frame people's mis-matched costumes as them being extremely bad at history (like they think the renaissance is when fairies became extinct,) or thinking of them as 1800's steampunk time travelers visiting the renaissance period.  It made it much more entertaining.  

Also, I'm now pretty sure the good weather's here to stay.  How's that you say?  Because the icecream trucks are circling the park across the street from my house like vultures, and my crazy porch cat brought me the first popsicle wrappers of the season.  

And completely unrelated, but I found an old ZeFrank video that pretty much describes my study habits, only much more hilariously than I could have.  

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