Sunday, June 3, 2012

Every animal but one in my house has a shaved belly.

I brought both dogs and 3 cats to the ultrasound lab both days this weekend.  My dogs handled it pretty well.  My cats are all kind of standoffish now.   I didn't bring Chicken, because she's evil, or Stego, since she just got spayed last week (so even though she wasn't part of the lab, she already had a bald tummy.)  So yeah.  It's definitely an interesting look for everybody.

I didn't go to the lectures in the morning, because I'm a failure at waking up early, no matter how much I want to do something.  I did get to watch the veterinarians who were taking the course practice ultrasounding while I was restraining my pets, so I managed to pick up a decent amount of secondhand ultrasound skills.  I can pretty readily ID the kidneys, adrenal glands, iliocolic junction, aorta and vena cava on the ultrasound screen.  Other things, like the liver, pancreas and spleen still just look like TV static to me.

Still no luck on the job hunt.  I talked to some other classmates this weekend, and aside from the people who were going back to their old clinics that they worked at before vet school, it seems as though very few people have found jobs.   I'm really starting to miss how UCCS had summer classes that I could enroll in full-time, and get financial aid to help with my cost of living.  (Which is, incidentally how I got my BS in 3 years.)  This whole summer thing kind of blows in a depressed economy.  Yay!  I have 2 months off, in which I cannot find a job, nor can I enjoy, since I can't afford to do anything!  Wheee! Yay summer!

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