Thursday, May 31, 2012

Job hunting sucks

Aargh.  I just want to find a summer job.  So far I've had two interviews, with the promise of calling back in "a few weeks" for a second interview, a bunch of resumes have been black-holed, I've had two "thanks, but we want to hire somebody permanent, not just over the summer" replies, and one "we don't really hire techs over the summer, but apply with us again once you're a vet" replies.  Stupid depressed economy.  I did, however manage to get 5 of my pets a job over the weekend.  They're getting volunteered for an ultrasound CE lab, I get some cash (about time those mooches started paying their own way,) and I also get to listen to a couple bonus ultrasound lectures, which should be really helpful.

I also got to do my surgery for the spay study yesterday.  Besides a few hiccups before the surgery already started (the whole schedule was running late, plus I kind of missed that my shelter dog had a spay scar hidden under her fur, so we had to scramble to find a new dog,) everything went really well.  It was really great practice, and I learned that just because I can do buried intradermal sutures really quickly on a practice board doesn't mean that I can do them quickly on a real dog for the first time.  For it only being 2nd year, I've already gotten to do most of two (OVH) spays (with the exception of closing the incision,) a neuter, and now a complete OVE spay from start to finish.  Not too shabby.

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