Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today was our last day (EVER!) of PBL.  We still have classes tomorrow and friday before finals (anatomy, and a clinical skills lecture,) but no more sitting around in small groups brainstorming over cases.  Except for when we're on rotations, and brainstorming over cases with other students and DVMs.  Or when we're in practice and consulting with colleagues over cases. But ignoring the "PBL" we'll be doing the rest of our lives, this was our last structured PBL session of vet school.  

The class of 2015 was doing a fundraiser selling finals survival gift baskets, and our facilitator bought one for our group.  It had a bunch of goodies in it, but the best part was a squeezy stress ball piggy.  

Bwahahaha!  I love him! 

Speaking of pigs, there was another fundraiser the class of 2015 did today.  They were charging people to vote for a faculty member to have to kiss a pig.  The local potbelly pig rescue showed up with not one, but THREE pigs.  One 2 year old potbelly, a 7 month old, and one that was only a couple weeks old.  Cuteness overload!  I got to give the babies skritches, and the oldest one would "shake" on command.  Sorry, I didn't think to take pictures of baby piggy goodness, and I don't want to rip of other people's pictures off of facebook.  

After filling up on piglet cuteness, I went with my friend Christine to the Banfield, where she's boarding her 
3.5 week old kitten she's bottle feeding while she's in class.  Not only did I get to hold her adorable munchkin, but there were 3 other kittens in there I got to say "hi" to through their cages.  It was a little too much adorableness crammed into one lunch hour.  

But yeah.  I made it through 2 years of PBL.  8 separate groups of 6-8 students + 1 faculty member.  And I managed to get 8 great groups, never hitting the "dud" mix of classmates or a bad facilitator.  I lucked out. 

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