Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Huntington Dog Beach

One of my classmates and I took our pups to the dog beach today.  I only took Skwissgaar, since Izmere is kind of a bitch around strange people and dogs.  I honestly thought Gaar wouldn't go near the water, since it's the end of the world for him to go outside when it's raining, and all he would ever do at my old dog trainer's ponds was wade in a couple inches.

He thought the waves were the best thing ever.  When they went in, he'd run in, then playfully run from them once they came back out at him.  He did get rocked by a few waves, but it didn't even phase him. It was so much fun watching him be a big goof, and now that I know he's not afraid of the water, I definitely need to go back as much as I can.  

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