Sunday, October 14, 2012


I finished up my exams for large animal block friday morning.  Ever since then, I've been obsessively opening blackboard every couple hours, and refreshing to see if my grades have posted.  I have never felt worse after taking tests than I did last week, and I'm terrified I'm going to fail and have to repeat one or more large animal rotations.  On the plus side, even the smart kids on the same rotations feel the same way after those tests, so at least we're all in the same boat.  

I've spent the weekend trying to actually have fun, and take my mind off things.  Friday night, I went out with some classmates to Knotts Scary Farm for their halloween nights.  I had a blast, but I killed my cell phone battery constantly refreshing blackboard.  

Saturday, my neighbor and I went to Universal Studios, then to a vegan bakery in LA that was in an area so sketchy that it looked like a generic "skid row" movie set.  

I kind of feel like I need to go to Disney Land today to round out my amusement park themed weekend.  

It's been awhile since I've had a problem with my crazy-cat-lady superpowers, but it looks like they're flaring up again.  Last year, an outdoor cat started showing up on my porch, and we had a good deal going on.  I fed her, and she kept other random strays from showing up on my doorstep.  Well, now a new cat has moved in, and has been chasing her off.  This new cat is beautiful - he's a white tabby with ice blue eyes, and he's friendly.  I've had to "sneak" into my house, because he tries to bolt in the front door behind me.  But he's un-neutered, and he's beating up Nuke.  He's gotta go.  If anybody's interested in what seems like a great cat, let me know (leave your email address in the comments section,) otherwise he's going to have to go to the shelter.  I'll post more pictures next time he shows up.  You know you want him......

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