Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sorry about the lack of updates

I'm on campus, finishing up my Global Animal Health class, so there's not a whole lot to write about.  I've been procrastinating on putting together my 3rd year presentation, which was originally supposed to be this coming Monday, but got moved to Thursday instead.

Thursday, I'm talking about white nose syndrome in bats.  I'm sure that anybody who knows me knows I have a soft spot for bats.  (Maybe because of all those geology classes taking me into caves growing up?) I may have even called out one of the vets at the LA county Dept. of Health a few weeks ago for her "ZOMG, touch a bat and you'll die of rabies" propaganda.  Anyway, it's december.  I bet a lot of you are going to be doing some online shopping in the next month.  Go to this link, and install the iGive toolbar on your browser.  You know how companies make money by referring visitors to online shopping sites, and get a percentage of the sales?  iGive is set up to make the associate/referral commission on the websites you already shop at, and re-directs that money to a charity of your choice.  If you click on the link above, and install the toolbar on your browser, you can direct a small percentage of what you would be paying anyway to Bat World Sanctuaries.  It doesn't go towards white nose research, but it does go to rehabilitating and providing sanctuary for bats caught up in the pet trade, or from closing zoos.  I think they're getting pretty close to capacity, and are trying to fundraise for a new building. Pretty please.  Click here.  Install the toolbar.  Help out some bats.  

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