Thursday, December 6, 2012

I am so freaking relieved.

My 3rd year presentation is done and over with.  I will never be an eloquent public speaker, because for some reason, talking to people is scary (I think I should stick to writing).  But I survived, I didn't pass out, or trip and fall on my face, or forget everything I know about bats, so I'll consider it a win.  And I had 2 of my great friends show up for support, even though it's the week before finals for them, and that meant a lot.  I also saw our avian/wildlife vet come in the back partway through my talk, so hopefully he wasn't disappointed.  But most importantly I'm done!   Wheeee!!!

I have about a week and a half left until Christmas break.   We're done with food and feed safety next Friday, then there's just a couple days the next week of Practice Management and meetings.  Where has the time gone?  I swear that vet school is some sort of crazy time vortex.

I'm waiting for my loan disbursement next semester, when I'm going to buy a new iphone.  I've been using my 3gs since my junior year of undergrad, and there's nothing wrong with it, I just want a new shiny one.  I've been wanting an iphone 5, but is it bad that the fact that the iphone ecg monitor only clips onto the 4 and 4s might sway me to an older model?  Like I even need my own personal ECG, but damnit, if I had one, I would stick it to the sides of my critters constantly.  Especially Skwissgaar with his crazy oversized heart.

Speaking of oversized hearts, I was watching the Grinch the other day.  It got to the line about "and his heart grew 3 sizes that day."  I yelled at the TV, "Nooo, that's pathologic!  Somebody take him to a doctor!"  Tyler looked at me, muttered "dork," and rolled his eyes.  Apparently husbands aren't too worried about Grinch pathology.

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