Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wrapping up the semester

I finished my food and feed safety class Friday, and all I have left this semester is a day of practice management, and a class-wide meeting with the dean.  Small animal rotations start in January.

I was going to post earlier this week, but everything I typed was pretty incoherent or too rage-filled.  The stray cat that always visited my porch, got killed earlier in the week.  Tyler and I were watching tv inside, and we heard a cat-fight noise.  I ran outside, to find a pitbull shaking her, and the pitbull's owner standing across the street watching.  (What kind of sociopath just watches as their dog attacks another animal?)  I chased the dog away from the kitty, and screamed at the owner to put his dog on a leash.  He got his dog, and ran away, while I tried to get a paralyzed cat into a carrier without stressing her out.  She died on the way to the emergency clinic.

I feel guilty as hell for thinking she'd be better off as a stray with some protections than in our high-euth-rate local shelter.  Obviously, I chose wrong, and she paid the price.  The other stray (white kitty) was taken to the shelter by my neighbor about 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Even though he's one of the prettiest and friendliest cats I've ever met, he still hasn't been adopted.  I'm feeling like I've failed both cats.

I guess there is no good solution here.  It's the culture of this place.  The culture that makes people think its ok to let their animals run free, to not spay/neuter, to be a useless piece-of-shit lowlife that watches your dog attack another animal.  It's Pomona.  It's broken, and I doubt any amount of activism will ever fix these people.  They're horrible wastes of human flesh.  I cannot wait to move away from them.

If you have a kitty, go hug them for me.  If you have space for one, there's an incredibly sweet one at the Upland shelter that needs a home.

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