Sunday, December 23, 2012

You should be worried

It's almost 2013, which means that this year's NDAA is currently making the rounds through the senate and congress.  It's the big National Defense Authorization Act that conveniently slipped in a little line last year about being able to detain anybody without a trial.  It's an evil piece of legislation that urinates on the constitution.  I wrote about it here last year.

A group of senators tried to attach an amendment stripping the unconstitutional police-state powers from the bill.  Another group lead by John McCain stripped that protective amendment from the bill, so now it has passed the senate in it's current form.  It just needs to pass through congress and the white house to say goodbye to habeas corpus for another year.

But if you're a normal citizen, and never would associate with any terrorist groups, why would you even have to worry about a law like this?  Surely, it's not meant to go after normal people, or peaceful protestors.

Oh.  Right.

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