Saturday, January 19, 2013

I didn't mean to go 2 weeks without an update!

I just finished up my 2-week on-campus Banfield rotation.  It really is a pleasant rotation - you get primary patient care, you actually get to interact with clients, and the vets you work with are all pretty awesome.  The first week killed me though; coming off of winter break, where I was on a night-schedule, to suddenly having to wake up at 7am, coming from our on-campus block where I pretty much turned my brain off for 2 months, and suddenly being quizzed about pathophys; and me and one other classmate getting slammed with patients, while other classmates had hours of free time to study. The second week was much smoother, and I actually managed to sneak some studying in most days.  Yesterday, we had an oral examination that was pretty freaking stressful - I got the clinical diagnosis, but I definitely stumbled on some physiology and pharmacology, so fingers crossed that I passed - and of course, we don't find out if we did or not until after finals, so I get to stress about it for 7 more weeks.

Tyler and I had a friend from Colorado out last week, and it was pretty fan-freaking-tastic to have somebody around from back home.  I keep counting down the days until I finish my radiology course out here, and I can move back.  It was also distracting as hell to have somebody hanging out when I was trying to study, and to keep having to tell them to go do fun things without me, so I could get school stuff done.

I wish I had a personal assistant who I could rope into dealing with all my crap for me that I don't want to.  I got summoned for Jury duty, and I need to make that go away.  I chipped a molar, and I need to get it fixed, and research a good dentist in this area who is open on weekends.  I still am hounding possible 4th year rotation sites, and waiting to hear back from people.  I gave up on calling the mechanic I found with good reviews on yelp - I have a manifold leak, and apparently returning messages so I could get my car fixed before rotations started again was not one of their priorities.  Anybody want to volunteer for the job?  For free?  No?

Monday, I start a 2 week rotation at another Banfield location.  That's a 30 mile drive away.  In morning rush hour traffic. I hope it kicks ass to make up for all the time I'm going to be spending parked on the highway.  

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