Monday, May 13, 2013

Quickie update

It's finals week, and I just finished my practical exam and necropsy.  A couple more days of exams and I'll be done with 3rd year.  I've been a bit too busy studying to update, so forgive me.

I got back from Seattle on Friday.  I don't know quite what I was expecting while I was there, but I was pretty unimpressed with Seattle.  I think if I'd had a car, and got to explore more than what I could reach via the bus lines, it would have been great, but as it was, it just seemed like a bunch of concrete and chain stores.  By city standards it wasn't awful, but it wasn't as great of a place to visit as I had hoped.

While we were at the University of Washington, they took two pictures of us the first day - one to post on the walls saying who we were (there were similar pics of the residents and people doing clerkships.) That picture was taken at 8 am, and mine and both of my classmates looked tired and awful.  Then we got to randomly walk by the pictures for the next two weeks.  The second picture was for our dept. of comparative medicine ID cards.  Not wanting the picture to look awful like the last one, I tried to lift my chin, and have a neutral face.  Instead I came out making this expression like I was having a mug shot taken.  Not flattering one bit.

The actual rotation was nothing to write home about.  The people there were nice, but I want to treat rats and mice, not run terminal experiments on them, so I wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing.

Anyway, I'm home now, I have a ton of studying to do so I can power through my exams, and then I have a short break before 4th year starts.  I need to figure out what things in California I really want to do before I move back to Colorado, so if anybody has any suggestions, I'm open.

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