Saturday, May 18, 2013

So over this.

Done with finals. Counting down the days until I can return to Colorado.  Looking forward to my radiology rotation in a few weeks.

I'm pretty sick of my car right now.  I brought it in over spring break to repair a leaking exhaust manifold, and replace the bearings.  They replaced the manifold, and had to replace the intake gasket and re-machine the engine.  Then, it started to die on me again, and Tyler took it into the shop while I was in Oregon.  First they thought it was the fuel injectors, and I had to pay to replace those.  Then they finally figured out it was the O2 sensor.  It's been running fine for about 2 weeks, then last night, the check engine light starts flashing, and it's running rough like it's misfiring.  I am so sick of dealing with car problems, and I'm mad I ever bought this piece of junk.

I was getting lost in some rabbit holes online, and I found a couple articles about CU's dental school.  Apparently in 2010, they got into some problems with the DEA,  and then it looks like just recently, they're under investigation again.  Basically, they were letting students and residents prescribe and use sedatives for anesthesia that were all under a doctor's DEA number, even when he wasn't physically present on campus.  This got me thinking, since we don't have a teaching hospital here, what is the standard operating procedure for prescribing at teaching hospitals?  Does one doctor order all the anesthetics for the hospital, and everybody uses them?  I wonder if there are differences between states, and between the human/veterinary/dental divide.  Leave a comment if you know how your school works.

I bought a powerball ticket for tonight's drawing.  I feel like I should have my grades in statistics revoked from me.  :)

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